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Course Description

Bitcoin exploded on the monetary scene in 2008, and then rose dramatically in 2015-2017 to soaring heights. It is one of many transaction applications that use Blockchain as its enabling technology. Business are investigating and investing large resources in protocols to establish trusted financial transactions between trading partners. It is used to manage intellectual property, digital content, financial and securities transactions.

This course is designed to introduce this core technology, the Blockchain, the fundamental concepts behind it and the uses available today and tomorrow. In order to control these transactions, it is necessary to understand it.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the characteristics and value proposition of Blockchain
  • Understand the security advantages and disadvantages
  • Identify the top security risks
  • Describe the use and advantage of the various Blockchain implementations
  • Identify control issues with Blockchain
  • Describe the top technical challenges with the use of Blockchain
  • Discuss the future of Blockchain

Course Outline

What is Blockchain?

  • Basics
  • History

How does it work?

  • Blocks
  • Encryption
  • Distributed Ledger

Building Block 1 – Cryptography

  • Types Used
  • Hashing

Building Block 2 – Distributed Ledger

  • “Block-Chaining”
  • Adding Blocks

Building Block 3 – Validity Conditions

  • Reasons for Validity
  • Certificates
  • Enforcement

Proof of Work

  • Uses
  • Disagreement Resolution
  • Prevention of invalid blocks being added

Current Uses of Blockchain

  • Assets of Value
  • IoT
  • Transportation
  • Logistics

The Future of Blockchain

  • Enhanced Speed
  • Reduced Costs
  • Permissioned Chains

Additional Information

Who Should Attend

IT Auditors
Operational Auditors
Financial Professionals
Controls Professionals
Information Security Managers, Analysts, and Architects
IT Management
IT Architects

Learning Level



Group Live



Advanced Preparation


Recommended Prerequisites

Understanding if IT Concepts and Controls

Session Duration

On Site: 1 day

CPE Credits: 8

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