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Course Description

Well written audit reports can be the difference between an audit group that is perceived as adding value and an audit function that simply exists as a required compliance need. However, delivering audit reports that contain objective driven, direct, concise, evidence backed information continues to challenge even the most seasoned internal auditors.

Audit reports often fail to deliver the intended message for a multitude of reasons including the length of reports, lack of objectives, overabundance of audit lingo and terminology, buried or lost messages and not targeting the report to the correct audience, or more importantly to their needs.

This interactive course will address the challenges commonly associated with audit report writing and teach the skills that will ensure your audit reports will be read and your message received as intended. Additionally, this course presents the Two-Page Audit Report methodology which provides a format and formula that ensures you get your message across to the highest levels of your organization. A proven methodology to ensure your audit reports get read and are understood by any audience.

Learning Objectives

  • Identifying a what makes a report good versus bad and keeps reports from being read
  • Identifying what makes an excellent report
  • Setting objectives
  • How to properly plan
  • Executive Summaries
  • Organizing and Layout
  • Using Appendices
  • Editing and Proofreading – and the difference

Course Outline

Understanding the Difference between Good, Bad and Excellent Reports

  • Report characteristics
  • Good, Bad, Ugly and Excellent
  • Report organization and why it matters
  • Determining content
  • Presentation styles and how to choose
  • Visual presentation
  • Examples of excellent reports

Setting Objectives

  • Defining Objectives and planning the audit and report
  • Aligning audit objectives with business objectives
  • Ensuring audit report objectives continue to align with business and audit objectives
  • Understanding your audience
  • Understanding how the report will be used

Executive Summaries

  • What makes the cut?
  • Determining level of detail and support
  • Using language and verbiage targeted to executives
  • Length and presentation style

Creating the Report

  • Designing an assembly process
  • The Five C’s
  • Organization and Layout
  • The use of Appendices
  • Report formats
    • Visual Reporting
    • Virtual reporting
  • Provide key terms/definitionsa
  • Tools, tips and techniques for concise reports

Writing skills and techniques

  • Focus and framing of topic – perspective
  • Developing key points
  • Editing versus Proofreading
  • When enough is enough – editing
  • Concise and concrete yet compelling language

Additional Information

Who Should Attend

Internal audit staff and management

Learning Level



Group Live



Advanced Preparation


Recommended Prerequisites

Auditors with at least 1 year experience in order to draw upon their professional audit experience

Session Duration

On Site: 2 days

CPE Credits: 16

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