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Data Analytics curriculum offers sessions addressing the cleaning, transforming and modeling data in the course of performing internal audits

Training Courses

Automating Data Analytics Scripts and Queries (DA03)

Learn how to create automated data analytic scripts and queries. Participants will learn about the four stages of data analytics progression and the hands-on modules will introduce techniques that help you go from manual to automation without being a programmer.

Developing Effective Continuous Audits (DA04)

In this hands-on (not theory!) workshop, you will use one of the leading data analytics tools to perform real control testing while learning how to design a continuous audit from scratch without having to be a programmer.

Fundamentals of Data Analytics (DA02)

Attendees will learn how to effectively use data analytics software to develop data analytics scripts to support an audit.

Using Data Analytics to Improve Internal Audit (DA01)

This course will help auditors understand what data analytics can do, what tools are available for data analytics, what is really involved starting a data analytics program, what areas should be targeted and most importantly, where to start.