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CyberAudit and Cybersecurity curriculum offers a wide range of lecture and hands-on courses. They are designed for internal audit, IT auditor, and information security professionals, focusing on technical topics related to Cyber controls including: networking. data security, privacy, identity management, access controls, and specific technologies. The curriculum is divided into sections to ease viewing on the website.

Training Courses

CyberAudits of Your Critical Network Infrastructure (CY14)

. In this down-to-earth, no nonsense workshop, we will clearly identify and demonstrate practical methods to discover, document and audit the critical control points, risks, and safeguards in numerous forms of common network technologies, both internal and external, Internet facing infrastructures used in most modern organizations.

Understanding and Auditing Cryptography for Cybersecurity Applications (CY41)

This seminar is designed to equip you with a better, practical understanding of cryptography, so you may apply it with a practical information security perspective.

Understanding Blockchain: The Underlying Technology for Trusted Transactions (CY50)

This course is designed to introduce this core technology, the Blockchain, the fundamental concepts behind it and the uses available today and tomorrow. In order to control these transactions, it is necessary to understand it.