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CyberAudit and Cybersecurity curriculum offers a wide range of lecture and hands-on courses. They are designed for internal audit, IT auditor, and information security professionals, focusing on technical topics related to Cyber controls including: networking. data security, privacy, identity management, access controls, and specific technologies. The curriculum is divided into sections to ease viewing on the website.

Training Courses

CyberAudits of Identity and Access Control Management (CY01)

You will receive a framework for consistent and effective auditing of logical access controls.

CyberSecurity Audits of Microsoft Windows Server and Active Directory Security (CY20)

In this practical, information packed seminar, you will learn a structured approach to securing and auditing Microsoft servers and networking infrastructure, including Active Directory, from end-to-end and from top to bottom.

Intrusion Analysis and Incident Response (CY17)

This course will provide you with an understanding of the various attack characteristics, an analysis of lessons learned from recent attacks, and allow you to create your own processes for responding to attacks of your enterprise network. You will learn from “live” events and scenarios from actual computer incidents.

Linux as an Audit Target…and as an IT Audit Tool (CY22)

In this pragmatic seminar, we will identify the important Unix/Linux security controls, best practice for secure configuration, and tools and techniques on how to audit Linux and other Unix variants

Overview of Amazon Web Services Controls (CY05)

AWS enables SAP, SharePoint, Exchange to be accessible throughout the world via the Internet. Content-based systems including the education content application Blackboard used by many universities, streaming systems providing entertainment, news and advertising content, and shopping systems all rely on AWS and similar products. Security of these systems is of paramount importance.