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CyberAudit and Cybersecurity curriculum offers a wide range of lecture and hands-on courses. They are designed for internal audit, IT auditor, and information security professionals, focusing on technical topics related to Cyber controls including: networking. data security, privacy, identity management, access controls, and specific technologies. The curriculum is divided into sections to ease viewing on the website.

Training Courses

Auditing Windows Active Directory Services CyberSecurity (CY24)

You will learn about all key Active Directory Services control points, as well as common CyberSecurity risks, safeguards, and audit procedures. Forests, domains, organizational units, directory services, Group Policy Object (GPO) control audit points and associated CyberSecurity and CyberAudit procedures within the Microsoft Active Directory architecture will be analyzed and demonstrated.

Auditing Windows Server CyberSecurity (CY23)

You will cover all key Windows server control points, as well as common CyberSecurity risks, safeguards, and audit procedures.

Auditor’s Guide to CyberSecurity Vulnerability and Penetration Testing (CY13)

In this intensive hands-on course, you will learn how to detect, assess, and exploit numerous vulnerabilities that stem from improper software configuration, software inconsistencies, and design flaws within an overall network infrastructure and applications.

Audits of Your Internet DMZ Network (CY11)

This intensive seminar is designed to equip you to better protect and audit your network’s perimeter through a blend of practical, up-to-the minute knowledge transfer and audit case studies.

CyberSecurity Audits of Web Applications – Legacy & Beyond (CY02)

In this information-packed workshop, we will cover key building blocks and significant risks, and systematically sort through the available safeguards in today’s complex Web-enabled, multi-tiered applications