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Training Courses

Auditor’s Hands-On Guide to CyberSecurity Vulnerability & Penetration Testing (CH13)

In this intensive hands-on course, you will learn how to detect, assess, and exploit numerous CyberSecurity vulnerabilities that stem from improper software configuration, software inconsistencies, and design flaws within an overall network infrastructure and applications.

Hands-On Audits of DMZ Network CyberSecurity (CH11)

This intensive seminar is designed to equip you to better protect and audit your network’s perimeter CyberSecurity through a blend of practical, up-to-the minute knowledge transfer and audit case studies.

Hands-On Audits of Network CyberSecurity (CH10)

In this information-packed hands-on workshop, you will review the security and audit implications of TCP/IP network security and identify cost‑effective tools for identifying, preventing and detecting serious CyberSecurity loopholes.

Hands-On Audits of Windows Server and Active Directory (CH20)

Obtain a hands-on understanding of Windows Servers and Active Directory.