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Audit Approach is designed for audit/assurance professionals who seek IT audit training, internal audit training or internal control training on how to perform specific audits. These audit training courses provide the structure and background to permit the professional to initiate and execute an assessment in any of these topical areas.

Training Courses

Auditing Your CyberSecurity Program Top to Bottom (AA28)

Learn to view and assess CyberSecurity controls from an architectural perspective covering administrative, physical, and technical controls

CyberSecurity Audits of Cloud-Native Applications (CY45)

Discover key building blocks, significant risks, and controls for cloud-native applications.

Introduction to IT Auditing (AA01)

The course will introduce the fundamentals of IT auditing, core drivers behind why it is a specialized area of auditing, evolution of IT assurance, and the principle objectives of IT auditing and its relationship to integrated financial or operational auditing. It will introduce the role of IT auditing and how IT audit strategies can enhance non-IT audits.

One-Day Introduction to IT Audit (AA29)

This course is an introduction to IT Audit concepts and will prepare you to pursue further training in IT Audit.