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CyberSecurity Training

Below are our CyberSecurity training courses and seminars. Click on link of the training course, which interests you for more information.

AA23Auditing CyberSecurity Governance
CY12Auditing CyberSecurity of Wireless Networks
CY24Auditing Windows Active Directory CyberSecurity
CY23Auditing Windows Server CyberSecurity
AA28Auditing Your CyberSecurity Program: Top to Bottom
AA25Auditor's Guide to Big Data
AM08Auditor's Guide to CyberSecurity Risk Assessment and Audit Priorities
CY13Auditor's Guide to CyberSecurity Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
CH13Auditors Hands-On Guide to CyberSecurity Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
CY11Audits of Your Internet CyberSpace DMZ Network
CY44CyberAuditing Your Software Supply Chain
CY20CyberAudits of Microsoft Windows Server and Active Directory Security
CY18CyberAudits of Remote Access and Mobile Computimg
CY45CyberSecurity Audits of Cloud-Native Applications
CY02CyberSecurity Audits of Modern Web Applications
CH11Hands-On Audits of DMZ Network CyberSecurity
CH10Hands-On Audits of Network CyberSecurity
CH20Hands-On Audits of Windows Server and Active Directory
CY17Intrusion Analysis and Incident Response
CY22Linux as an Audit Target..and as an IT Audit Tool
CY05Overview of Amazon Web Services Controls
CY10Simplifying Audits of Network CyberSecurity
CY41Understanding and Auditing Cryptography for CyberSecurity Applications
CY50Understanding Blockchain: The Underlying Technology for Trusted Transactions