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by Ken Cutler, Director, CyberSecurity/CyberAudit Training

Cyberattacks can come from all directions…attacking all kinds of vulnerable targets! Hacking of social networking and email accounts has become rampant including prominent victims such as Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerburg and the National Football League (NFL). Bigger bounty was captured within the last year at high profile organizations including: the political parties, US Government Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Anthem and multiple Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance companies. Large numbers of accounts (MySpace: 427 million; Linkedin: 167 million) and associated cracked passwords were found to be on sale on the Internet…no one is immune, as even security product companies, such as Kaspersky, have been recent Cyberattack victims. Lack of consistently applied fundamental CyberSecurity safeguards leave the door open for successful Cyberattacks.

Recent global cybersecurity surveys by prominent professional services firms have revealed that over half of the responding organizations believe that the value provided by the Information Security function is undermined by the lack of available skilled internal audit and information security talent available and trend has worsened in recent years. Despite the growing number and diversity of Cyberattacks, many organizations seemingly are just waiting to become victims instead of being proactive and adopting the strategy that CyberSecurity is a business enabler to gain, reinforce, and retain customer and business partner trust.

In this volatile climate of increasing risks of serious Cyberattacks, Internal Audit departments must rise of meet the challenge by conducting more hard-hitting technical CyberAudits to identify and stimulate the closing of serious CyberSecurity exposures. CPEinteractive is ready and well-prepared to work with Internal Audit and Information Security departments to better tackle CyberSecurity risk by providing practical, contemporary training programs directed by internationally known CyberSecurity and CyberAudit expert Ken Cutler. Course topics range from conducting fundamental audits of IT governance and Cyber infrastructure to dissecting web application and DMZ CyberSecurity audit targets. CPEi’s CyberSecurity and CyberAudit programs are available in multiple delivery formats including: classroom lecture/demo, classroom hands-on, and webinar.

Don’t let your organization become another Cyberattack victim. Plan your audit universe to include cyber. CPE Interactive can assist in training your general audit and technical staffs in cybersecurity and cyberaudit at learning levels commensurate with their job focus.