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Course Description

TCP/IP networking is the foundation and conduit for modern business applications, but its ancient design and fundamentally insecure network services carries a lot of important risks. The open peer-to-peer architecture concept and poorly tested software leave organizations open to a wide array of CyberSecurity and control risks. In this information-packed workshop, you will review the CyberSecurity and CyberAudit implications of TCP/IP network security and identify cost‑effective tools for identifying, preventing and detecting serious CyberSecurity loopholes.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how networks work and where important CyberSecurity control points are located in different network scenarios
  • Utilize the OSI and TCP/IP protocol stack models to position different types of CyberSecurity controls and IT audit objectives
  • Understood key risks and security controls for TCP/IP applications and network appliances
  • Identify tools and techniques for performing useful CyberSecurity risk assessment of network applications on internal and external networks

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