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Course Description

Bribery and corruption risk continues on a steady rise for organizations as today’s marketplace becomes increasingly more global. Companies must be aware of, and prepared for, the risks that accompany operating in countries, cultures or areas far from their home market. Bribery and corruption can be standard practice in some areas and learning to anticipate and identify the red flags for corruption are critical to an organization’s success.

Internal Audit has the opportunity to provide a line of defense against corruption by understanding and identifying potential threats and effective methods for preventing and detecting them. Effectively evaluating and monitoring an organization’s anti-corruption and bribery compliance program can enhance the effectiveness of the program.

This class is designed to examine the current global corruption environment, today’s best practices in anti-bribery and corruption programs and deliver useable methodologies for identifying and detecting corruption risks and occurrences.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding Corruption
  • Assessing Corruption Risk in your Organizations
  • Common Corruption Schemes, Scenarios and Red Flags
  • Global Anti-Corruption Legislation and Organizations
  • Elements of an Effective Anti-Corruption Program
  • Internal Audit’s Role
  • Audit Practices and Methodologies

Course Outline

Today’s Global Corruption Outlook

  • Understanding corruption – who, why and how
  • FCPA – US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • UK Bribery Act
  • Challenges of Emerging Markets
  • Current Global Corruption Index & Barometer
  • Global Responses to Corruption
    • United Nations
    • Legislation in Select Countries
    • Anti-Corruption Organizations Worldwide
    • Transparency International
  • Cost of Corruption

Defining Corruption

  • Common Schemes, Scenarios and Red Flags
  • Purchasing
  • Government Contracts / Contacts
  • Money Laundering
  • Bribery

Assessing Corruption Risk

  • Assessing Corruption Risk in your Organization
  • Identifying Risk Areas and Red flags
  • Corruption (fraud) Assessment Model
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – Due Diligence
  • Elements of an effective anti-corruption and compliance program
    • Policies / Controls / Training / Monitoring / Response
  • Best Practices and Case Studies

Role of Internal Audit

  • Related IIA Standards
  • CFE Insights
  • COSO Elements for Corruption
  • Corruption considerations for Audit Planning
  • Incorporating into overall Risk Assessment for Organization
  • Identifying what makes corruption different than fraud
  • Sample Audit Procedures
    • Tone at the Top
    • Risk Assessments
    • Control Activities
    • Monitoring
      • Using Data Analytics to identify corruption
      • Involving the business
    • Response, Investigation and Remediation

Additional Information

Who Should Attend

Internal auditor management and staff

Learning Level



Group-Live & Group Internet-Based



Advanced Preparation


Recommended Prerequisites


Session Duration

Online: N/A

On Site: 1 day

CPE Credits: 8