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Training for IT Auditors – IT Audit Training Courses

Below are our IT audit training courses and seminars. Visit the link of the IT audit training course, which interests you for more information.

AA10Assessing Data Reliability
IS06Assessing the Security of Your Application Development Shop
IS01Assessing Your Protection of Personal Identifiable Information
AM05Audit Manager’s Guide to CyberSecurity Risks Controls and Audits
GR03Auditing CyberSecurity Governance and Controls
CY12Auditing CyberSecurity of Wireless Networks
AA06Auditing IT Outsourcing
AA02Auditing IT-Enabled Applications
CY13Auditor's Guide to CyberSecurity Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
CY11Audits of Yoiur Internet CyberSpace DMZ Network
AM04Briefing on Current Technology-Related Issues for Internal Auditors
IS04Cloud Computing-Critical Security and Control Issues
CY01CyberAudits of Identity and Access Control Management
IS12Cybercrime: The Bane of Our Time
CY30CyberSecurity and Audit of Payment Card Systems
CY20CyberSecurity Audits of Microsoft Windows Server and Active Directory Security
CY02CyberSecurity Audits of Modern Web Applications
CY21CyberSecurity Tool Talk for Auditors: Leveraging Free Information..and Free Software
AS13Data Analysis and Data Mining
FR04Data Analysis and Data Mining as a Fraud Investigation Tool
AS14Data Analytics for Internal Auditors
FR05Developing a Fraud Risk Assessment
AS07Developing Audit Work Programs
AS18Embedding Critical Thinking into the Internal Audit Process
AA05Evaluating IT Security Management
AA03How to Perform an Information Technology General Controls Review
AA04Integrated Audits of IT-Enabled Projects
AA01Introduction to IT Auditing
AA09IT Audit Academy
AS03Managing Audits as Projects
IS11Managing Information Technology Risk
AM03Managing Internal Audit
IS05Planning an IT Security Strategy
IS08Preparing for a Secure and Controlled IPv6 Implementation
AS04Primer on Financial Reporting and Auditing for IT Auditors
IS07Securing Mobile Assets and Applications
CY10Simplifying Audits of Network CyberSecurity
AS15The Two-Page Audit Report (AS15)