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Training for Internal Control Professionals – Internal Control Training Courses

Below are our internal control training courses and seminars. Click on link of the internal control training course, which interests you for more information.

AA10Assessing Data Reliability
AA04Audit and Governance of Application Development/Acquisition Projects
AA25Auditor's Guide to Big Data
AA24Auditing Cloud Computing Security
GR03Auditing CyberSecurity Governance and Controls
AA23Auditing Information Security Governance
AA02Auditing IT-Enabled Applications
AA06Auditing the IT Outsourced Environment
FR09Catching the Bad Guys: Fraud Auditing for Internal Auditors
FR10Conducting Fraud Risk Assessments Successfully
CY01CyberAudits of Identity and Access Control Management
AS25Demystifying IT Audit: IT Auditing for Business Auditors
FR05Developing a Fraud Risk Assessment
FR06Fighting Fraud in a Global Marketplace
FR12Forensic Accounting and Financial Statement Fraud Analysis
FR11Implementing a Fraud Awareness Program
AA01Introduction to IT Auditing
CY40Is Your Data Really Secure??...13 Ways to Avoid Cyber Data Leaks
FR07Leveraging Data Analytics to Fight Fraud
AM06Manager’s Guide to CyberSecurity Risk Assessment and Audit Priorities
CY90Performing Effective CyberSecurity Risk Assessments and Audits
AA03Planning and Conducting an IT General Controls Review
AS16Risk and Control - The Foundation
AA27The Essentials of Payment Card Systems Auditing
AS26Using Data Analytics to Improve Internal Audit