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AAAudit Approach
AA01Introduction to IT AuditingXXX
AA02Auditing IT-Enabled ApplicationsXXX
AA03Planning and Conducting an IT General Controls ReviewXXX
AA04Audit and Governance of Application Development/Acquisition ProjectsXXX
AA06Auditing the IT Outsourced EnvironmentXXX
AA09IT Audit AcademyX
AA10Assessing Data ReliabilityXXX
AA23Auditing Information Security GovernanceXXXX
AA24Auditing Cloud Computing SecurityXXX
AA25Auditor's Guide to Big DataXXXX
AA27The Essentials of Payment Card Systems AuditingXXXX
AMAudit Management
AM04Briefing on Current Technology-Related Issues for Internal AuditorsXX
AM08Manager’s Guide to CyberSecurity Risk Assessment and Audit PrioritiesXXXX
ASAudit Skills
AS03Managing Audits as ProjectsXX
AS07Developing Audit Work ProgramsXX
AS09Enhancing Your Risk-Based Audit SkillsXX
AS16Risk and Control - The FoundationXXX
AS18Embedding Critical Thinking into the Internal Audit ProcessXX
AS20Communication Skills for Internal AuditorsXX
AS22Getting the Message Across: How to Write Short Concise Effective Reports Business Owners Will ReadXX
AS23Getting to the Root of the Matter: Root Cause Analysis for AuditorsXX
AS24Interviewing Skills for Internal AuditorsXX
AS25Demystifying IT Audit: IT Auditing for Business AuditorsXX
AS26Using Data Analytics to Improve Internal AuditXXXX
CY01CyberAudits of Identity and Access Control ManagementXXX
CY02CyberSecurity Audits of Modern Web ApplicationsXX
CY03Securing and Auditing Microsoft ASP.NET Web ApplicationsXX
CY04Securing and Auditing Java Web ApplicationsXX
CY10Simplifying Audits of Network CyberSecurityXX
CY11Audits of Your Internet CyberSpace DMZ NetworkXX
CY12Auditing CyberSecurity of Wireless NetworksXX
CY13Auditor's Guide to CyberSecurity Vulnerability and Penetration TestingXX
CY20CyberAudits of Microsoft Windows Server and Active Directory SecurityXX
CY22Linux as an Audit Target..and as an IT Audit ToolXX
CY30CyberSecurity and Audit of Payment Card SystemsXX
CY40Is Your Data Really Secure??...13 Ways to Avoid Cyber Data LeaksXXXX
CY41Understanding and Auditing Cryptography for CyberSecurity ApplicationsXX
CY90Performing Effective CyberSecurity Risk Assessments and Audits (CY90)
FRFraud Detection & Prevention
FR05Developing a Fraud Risk AssessmentXXX
FR06Fighting Fraud in a Global MarketplaceXXX
FR07Leveraging Data Analytics to Fight FraudXXX
FR09Catching the Bad Guys: Fraud Auditing for Internal AuditorsXXX
FR10Conducting Fraud Risk Assessments SuccessfullyXXX
FR11Implementing a Fraud Awareness ProgramXXX
FR12Forensic Accounting and Financial Statement Fraud AnalysisXXX
GR03Auditing CyberSecurity Governance and ControlsXXXX