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Audit Skills is designed for audit/assurance professionals who require IT audit training, internal audit training or internal control training. While the other streams address specific audit methodologies, this stream focuses on the soft skills necessary for a successful career in audit/assurance.

Training Courses

Demystifying IT Auditing: IT Auditing for Business Auditors (AS25)

To many business process/operational orders, IT auditing reviews remain an enigma. This seminar is for the general auditor who wants to obtain an understanding of IT Audit, be able to perform the less technical aspects of an IT audit, but does not need the depth required for a professional seeking to pursue a career in IT audit.

Developing Audit Work Programs (AS07)

This course will take the mystery and pain out building an audit work program by introducing a methodology called “Closing the Loop Framework”. It provides a foundation for how to develop audit steps based on audit scope and the evidence required to achieve audit objectives.

Embedding Critical Thinking into the Internal Audit Process (AS18)

This session will provide you with skills and techniques necessary to embed critical thinking skills in all aspects of the audit cycle.

Enhancing Your Risk-Based Auditing Skills (AS09)

This course will help internal auditors better understand the true definition of risks and controls and provide them with methods and techniques that can be used in identifying and evaluating risks within their organizations.

Getting to the Root of the Matter: Root Cause Analysis Techniques for Auditors (AS23)

This course is designed to introduce the various tools and methodologies used for root cause analysis and how to apply them to the audit process.

Managing Audits as Projects (AS03)

This seminar focuses on project management good-practices and relates them to the audit process.

Risk and Control—The Foundation (AS16)

This course provides the definition of risk and control along with the techniques which are used to properly identify the different types of risk as well as the techniques for addressing risk.

Using Data Analytics to Improve Internal Audit (AS26)

This course will help auditors understand what data analytics can do, what tools are available for data analytics, what is really involved starting a data analytics program, what areas should be targeted and most importantly, where to start.