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Audit Approach is designed for audit/assurance professionals who seek IT audit training, internal audit training or internal control training on how to perform specific audits. These audit training courses provide the structure and background to permit the professional to initiate and execute an assessment in any of these topical areas.

Training Courses

Assessing Data Reliability (AA10)

Assessing the reliability of computer generated data is an important step in audit planning as well as addressing specific audit objectives.

This seminar will provide auditors with the concepts and tools to effectively evaluate the reliability of data processed and available for analysis and decision making.

Audit and Governance of Application Development/Acquisition Projects (AA04)

Using CobiT® as a framework, we will develop an audit approach that achieves both objectives and incorporates the full resuorces of the Internal Audit Function into the process.

Auditing Cloud Computing Security (AA24) – Updated

This seminar will provide you with an understanding of the cloud models, the security risks, differences between traditional IT Security and Cloud, and how to control it.

Auditing CyberSecurity Governance (AA23) – Updated

You will explore how to benchmark the overall governance and management of an enterprise CyberSecurity program. Special emphasis will be placed on domestic and international legislative and industry CyberSecurity frameworks and compliance targets.

Auditors Guide to Big Data (AA25)

This seminar will provide you with an understanding of Big Data, the security risks, differences between traditional corporate data and Big Data, and how to control it.