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CPEinteractive offers highly topical training sessions for internal audit/assurance, controls, risk management and information security audiences.

These offerings can be presented as Virtual Classroom, live on-site, or as a combination of the two formats.  The courses can be customized for organization or company-specific presentation.

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We have developed 7 streams to better focus the training to the appropriate audience:

Training Categories

Audit Approach

Number of courses: 10

Audit Approach is designed for audit/assurance professionals who seek IT audit training, internal audit training or internal control training on how to perform specific audits. These audit training courses provide the structure and background to permit the professional to initiate and execute an assessment in any of these topical areas.

Audit Management

Number of courses: 3

Audit Management is designed for the audit/assurance professionals responsible for managing and designing audit methodology and audit scope. These IT audit training, internal audit training or internal control training courses provide insight into current technology trends, business management needs, and strategies for managing the audit function.

Audit Skills

Number of courses: 7

Audit Skills is designed for audit/assurance professionals who require IT audit training, internal audit training or internal control training. While the other streams address specific audit methodologies, this stream focuses on the soft skills necessary for a successful career in audit/assurance.

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Number of courses: 4

Fraud Detection & Prevention is designed for audit/assurance, control, and risk professionals responsible for monitoring and/oir investigating fraud activities. This stream addresses fraud risks, investigative approaches, continuous monitoring, and data analytics.

Governance and Risk Management

Number of courses: 2

Governance and Risk Management is designed for IT, risk, and audit/assurance management. These sessions are highly topical, and reflect current trends affecting the integration of enterprise and IT risk management and governance.

Information Security & Cybersecurity

Number of courses: 10

Information Security training focuses on topics of interest to Information Security Professionals. These topics include current trends in information security, risk and governance issues, and approaches to assist the information security professional interface with the audit/assurance function.

IT Technical Auditing

Number of courses: 9

Technical Auditing focuses on leading edge and current technical topics of interest to information security professionals and IT auditors at all organizational levels.