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CPE interactive recognizes the importance of a well-rounded foundation in cyber knowledge within the internal audit function at all staff and management levels. Our courses include:

  • CyberSecurity Oversight — a new one-day course designed to provide management and governance organizations with an understanding of CyberSecurity, how it fits into the organization, approaches to mitigating its risk, and an appreciation of the overarching impact on all aspects of the enterprise.
  • Auditing CyberSecurity Governance and Controls — a two-day course designed for a more technical audience and addresses a pragmatic approach to governance, application of controls and audit approaches

These and other CyberSecurity courses are reliant on being conversant or literate in other audit disciplines within the organization. The following courses are designed to establish a technology baseline for further training in Cyber risks, vulnerabilities, and controls:

For the technical IT Auditor and InfoSec professional, more in-depth Cyber-related courses are in our CyberAudit and Audit Approach Curricula Cyber Audit & Security – Part 1 and Cyber Audit & Security – Part 2 which address networking, Web, identity management and access control, cloud computing, etc., all apart of the CyberSecurity infrastructure.

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